The idea for The Huggabear Chidlren's Project, Inc. was given to Angelique La Fon-Cox from God, Jehovah, in a dream.
Angelique had written three of The Huggabears books, and dreamt that she was selling books to support the work of the organization. The Huggabears books are where The Huggabear Children's Project, Inc (HCP Inc.) gets its name.

The first project of HCP Inc. came after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in the summer of
2005, before HCP's 501c3 status was in place. Angelique began to raise funds for two churches in New Orleans, the Amazing Grace COG and the Cornerstone COG, to help rebuild their children's ministries and be able to reach out to the suffering community. 

The next project, OPERATION HUGGABEARS, was the idea of Angelique's then five-year-old daughter,  Aven. This project drove Angelique to work toward obtaining the official 501c3 nonprofit status. Even though her husband, Josh, had been laid off from his job, their family had just lost their home, other possessions and had to declare bankruptcy, Angelique felt God directing her to start the work to obtain the 501c3 nonprofit status. Desiring to be obedient to the direction the Lord was leading her, Angelique and Josh worked hard to form the organization and received the official IRS recognized 501c3 nonprofit status on June 5, 2009. Angelique, Josh and their children, Aven, MaCaedyn and Samuel Braeden, have been working on projects internationally to bless children ever since. 

Please visit the HCP projects
page to learn about completed projects, ongoing projects and those they dream of doing in the future. HCP Inc. gives out 100% of all donations contributed and yet, each year, the organization continues to grow. HCP Inc. does not have hired staff at this time. It is currently under the direction of founders Angelique La Fon-Cox and Josh Cox, and all project work is done by the La Fon-Cox Family.

It is extremely important that HCP contributors feel secure about their funds going to children in need. HCP Inc. strives to make public photos of items purchased and receipts of monies used so that contributors can have faith that our organization is trustworthy. The La Fon-Cox Family have many more projects planned along with their ultimate project: to build the
Huggabear Farm, the home base for their family and organization and a place of love, joy, and imagination where families can enter and play for FREE!

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Josh Cox and Angelique La Fon-Cox have been

very happily married since May 13th, 1997. They are richly blessed with three beautiful, intelligent and energetic children; Aven, MaCaedyn and Samuel Braeden. Together, they create scenes for The Huggabears books, do the work for all HCP Inc. projects, and sing for Veterans, the elderly and various locations for children in the HCP Performing Arts Ministry.   The children are homeschooled which allows more time for them to work on projects for children in need.  They are thankful that God has chosen them for this wonderful, rewarding work!

It is the mission of The Huggabear Children's Project, Inc. to listen for those who cry out in need, speak for those who have no voice, and protect and help those who cannot protect and help themselves, both the living and the unborn.

We want to let the children of the world know that Jesus loves them more than they could possibly imagine!
Our children are the GREATEST treasures of this world! They are the leaders, teachers, inventors, ministers, artists, doctors, builders, creators, and workers of the future and they must be cherished, nurtured, protected and guided.
We believe if you make a positive difference in one child's life, you not only can help direct and shape their future,
​ you will make a direct impact on the world. It is also our mission to stand for an undivided Israel and stand up for Jewish families, God's chosen people.

We receive great joy in serving children in need all over the world and right here at home in the U.S.A! We also love serving and honoring our U.S. Veterans who provide us with the free lives we lead.
We hope you will join us in our work to bless children, let them know they are important, that Jesus loves them and to make a powerful and positive impact on their lives. 

We hope you will join us in this mission! When you love a child, you change the world!