The Form Show - Marc Lucas - Show # 230
"Laying Down Burdens of Darkness"
​Forgiveness is a powerful tool that can help begin your healing. Lay your burdens at the feet of Jesus because only He can give you the rest and healing you are searching for.
​(Matthew 11:28)

We hope that this page will bring new and updated information that will help you give the little ones in your life to BEST care possible. We also have links to some Christian online support groups that provide help for adults struggling from childhood abuse. Be sure to check back for new articles, videos and links and feel free to share with others! Thank you!

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Safety Ideas if you and your family are ever in a public shooting.

Huggabears Care

Laying Down This Burden of Darkness at the Feet and Light of Jesus Christ ​- The Personal testimony of how Jesus Christ is healing her from the wounds of childhood sexual, emotional and mental abuse.